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News & Updates

• 8/20/2011 WEDCon has been postponed. Click here for more information.

• 2/19/2011 Link to WEDCon, now you can help us spread the word! Just

copy the code to place a link wherever you like and let your friends know

about WEDCon.

• 1/10/2011 We are pleased to announce another great exhibit appearing at

WEDCon 2011, Costumes of the World.

• 1/4/2011 We're very excited to announce that our team that is building the

Horizons exhibit has started the first stages of

construction. After months of concept and design, it

really is nice to see that if you can dream it, you

really can do it. It's a labor of love and it shows.

• 1/1/2011 Welcome to the new website for WEDCon,

we're very excited about our first year for this

convention and will be sharing updates frequently.